life lessons from chess

The 10 items on this list are the greatest life lessons you can learn from playing the game. I knew the rules, but that's it (and that's not enough). invigorate your life using a technique developed i... how to make people like you for five cents, why failing to lose weight is a good thing.

Be it our relationships, finances or health, we often tend to neglect our vulnerabilities until it’s too late.

Whether in life or in chess, as long as you keep playing, you don’t really lose.

Think possibilities and outcomes. Many people feel that playing chess is a waste of time.

1. A good chess player always thinks two to three steps ahead. These lessons may not guarantee you an immediate win, but will definitely improve both your game and life over the long term. But, just being aware of it and waiting for a day or two before making any major decisions can help us look at the second, third order consequences. Ask “ And then what happens? Keep playing irrespective of your winning prospects. More often than I’d like to admit, I used to resign the game when I lost most of my material. Chess mimics our real life in many ways. Move Intentionally. Think before you do. You’d be surprised to notice all the checks, threats, and captures you’d have otherwise missed.

Thinking ahead may cost you some time, but it’s well worth the price. I failed to see the point in playing any further and used to give up. No matter how bad your position looks on the chessboard, there’s almost always a simple solution.

But did you know that you can learn some surprisingly helpful lessons from it? He resists the urge to pounce upon an immediate opportunity, and considers the second, and third level consequences of his actions. You should be either attacking your opponent or defending and improving your own positions at all times. Playing chess can teach you valuable life lessons and you may not even know it! There’s a well established point system in chess to help you evaluate your trades. If you lose sight of the daily things you must do to succeed, you’ll never be able to achieve the final goals that you’re working towards. 8. All Rights Reserved. There’s always an opportunity if you look hard enough. It was an eye opener for me when I first realized this. You may be surprised to discover how many principles of chess apply to real life! That’s when it finally dawned on me that I’m really bad at this game. Though chess is a cerebral game, it is not a defensive one.

Our first priority must always be to protect the things that are the most important to us. 5. I often mention books, and when I do, I try to link the book title to the book's page on Amazon.

When playing chess, if you focus too much on your endgame, you may make routine mistakes that cost you your pieces and control of the board. After losing two games in quick succession to my wife, my first thought was that she must be really good at chess. Comments on the Book, Principles For Personal Growth, Feel More Friendliness Toward Others With This Idea. More importantly, I enjoyed playing that way. Just stop to ask yourself “ And then what happens? Only the chess aficionados can experience the pleasure that is gained by playing chess. It’ll help you recognize new possibilities. Protect your material. Following up on the subjects, it was found that those who chose delayed gratification did better in other aspects of life as well. Another time, I even ended up winning, despite losing most pieces. To excel in the game of Chess, we must master the game by learning from a person who has already gained the mastery in Chess… Paul Rokich is my hero. You have to look at what you gain versus what you lose, be it a piece or a position. Though modern chess is hundreds of years old, it still remains one of the most rewarding and challenging games that you can play. In this article you learn how lessons learnt from chess can be better applied to our day to day life. Learn another way playing chess is good for you. But I keep playing nonetheless. It is a pitched battle to the finish between opposing armies, yet completely non-violent, with no injuries ever reported from playing. “Castling” is a chess move which helps you place your most valuable piece i.e King into a safer position, away from the center and protected on all sides by Pawns and a Rook. 6. Required fields are marked *, Banker, Certified Financial Planner, Blogger, Fitness Enthusiast and a Foodie, 6 Powerful Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Chess, on 6 Powerful Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Chess. Be willing to sacrifice for something better . If you follow that link and buy the book, Amazon gives me a little kickback. Keep your aim in mind.

Maybe it’s a trap by the opponent, or worse, he may end up opening his own defenses by making the move. Every capture in chess should be viewed as a trade.

Tips for Teaching Kids the Art of Playing Chess, How to Play Chess Online- A Chess Experts Guide, HOW TO PLAY CHESS FOR BEGINNERS: RULES AND BASIC STRATEGY, Everything you need to know about Chess pieces, Complex Problems Can Be Solved with Hard Work, Tactics Are Just as Important as Strategy. © 2019 ChessWarehouse. Even Cannibalism is Cool From a Cynic's Perspective, Resources to Help You Become a Motivational Speaker, How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking. Castling needs to be done as early as possible in the game. Learn the basics. It is a testing ground where we can experiment and act out personal dramas with no consequences other than wiping the board clean and starting over. 1.

A group of children were offered a choice between one immediate reward or two rewards if they resist the urge to consume for fifteen minutes. I then tried my hand online, and lost ten more games in a row. By learning about chess and playing it more regularly, you will not only become much better at chess, but you’ll also learn a lot of lessons that you can use in your daily life outside of the game. Why not improve your instincts and skill with lessons from Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov? There are hundreds of different insights you can gain from careful study and practice, but here are a few of the most important. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between these chess strategies and real life. Required fields are marked *. For someone just beginning to learn how to play, the game can seem incredibly difficult and complicated. 2. Though modern chess is hundreds of years old, it still remains one of the most rewarding and challenging games that you can play. When I was about eleven years old, my step dad taught me how to play the game.

Every action you take in life is a trade. Here are some principles that apply to the game and to life. Outside of the game, you’ll find that it’s also important to go after the things you want, to be confident, and to be bold. This is analogous to the role of instant gratification in our daily lives. Do you want to become a stronger chess player? There’s a famous 1972 study on delayed gratification by Stanford University called the “ Marshmallow Experiment ”.

You should only attack, if it helps you end in a trade surplus. Chess is just a game, right?


1. Slowly but eventually, you’ll be forced into bad positions with nowhere else to go.

Chess is not only a game, but also a way of life. Always look at the opportunity cost i.e what you could’ve gained instead, before taking up any major assignment or project. 3. Chess is a fun game.

Evaluate every decision in terms of opportunity cost. When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. A Letter to My Newborn Daughter – List of Fatherly Recommendations, A Day without Technology – 4 Things I’ve Realized by Unplugging, 31 Murphs in 31 Days – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. My biggest weakness in chess is that I tend to focus too much on my own moves, failing to recognize my opponent’s strategy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moreover, chess is a mirror of life, rich in metaphors for human experience. Later that week, I lost two more to my mom. Accumulate small gains. 3.

Everyday 9am-6pm. Even if I couldn’t win, I wanted to at least lose in a better way.

But those who do, end up in a better place.

Life is a game which we should play well. “, Nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it. Set Yourself Up for Success. 7 Things I’ve Learned About Life From Playing Chess.

It is hard to resist the lure of instant gratification.

Sometimes it’s Okay to Bluff 4. 7. The only way to avoid getting blindsided is to take a step back. Make every move with an underlying intent. Be it your job or business, once in a while, take a step back to notice what’s happening around you. The King is the most important piece of the game. Life Lessons From Chess. It also brings your Rook into an active position at the center. I was also curious to get better at it. He was a CPA, a very thoughtful and deliberate man who would work difficult math problems for fun in his spare time.

1-800-687-3401 Have a plan but stay flexible. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between these chess strategies and real life.

Chess Champion in the Classroom: Life Lessons from Chess. Your email address will not be published. Make your time count. “ before every making any decision. Don’t get too caught up in your own thoughts or actions.

2. After referring a handful of online resources and practicing several games, I was able to identify 6 major principles that separated the good players from bad.

Once it is cornered by the enemy, you lose. Learning the different strategies for openings alone is a very steep learning curve that requires a lot of practice and even memorization.

We may not be able to resist all the temptations life throws at us. Consider these important lessons that chess can teach you about life: 1. Why Don't Car Companies Make All Their Cars Flex F... How the Oil Industry Influences National Beliefs, Taking Ethanol Out of Gasoline CREATES Fuel Problems.

These lessons may not guarantee you an immediate win, but will definitely improve both your game and life over the long term. However, if you devote time to chess and work at it, many of the mysteries of the game become solved.

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