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Who have they helped break in? They’re all about what roles you can play, and getting you into the spotlight. Literary agents are, for the most part, pretty intelligent people who are always looking for good material written by good writers. An agent can fight to get you paid and get your stuff into the right hands, but at the end of the day, the burden is on you to create. The Balance Everyday uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Start by looking where they live. So, that means you have to network, network, network, and network some more. You need someone who’s got a long and short-term strategy for you. Or maybe be amazing while doing Second City in Chicago. Some people love pitch-fests, but I’ve espoused my skepticism with them a few times. Let’s assume off the bat that you have some amazing directing samples, because no one is going to let you direct without them.

Are you planning on becoming a feature writer (movies), television writer, or a novelist? While this is probably an unfair generalization, agents are responsible for getting their clients paid, and that persona can be part of how they manage that. Do they have good contacts for packaging? But no matter what you wish to be, the trick to getting an agent, however, is that you usually need to make most of the effort. So now what? So get ready to lose 10% of your paychecks! So you need to prepare before you meet an agent. They want to motivate and help you strategize. Depending on whether you are an actor, writer or director, the process of getting an agent is a bit different for each vocation.But no matter what you wish to be, the trick to getting an agent, however, is that you usually need to make most of the effort. By using The Balance Everyday, you accept our. Your reel should have snippets of everything you've directed to date so that anyone watching it will see that you have the following qualifications: One important thing to remember when making your directors reel is to be sure that you don't overload it. That doesn’t mean those smaller places are any less valuable, but it does mean they could be good places to start your career. They have to know if they can sell you to other people, and how you’ll behave in a room. Sure, it’s easy to rejoice when your stuff makes an impression on an agent, but you don’t want someone who signs you and then forgets about you. Depending on whether you are an actor, writer or director, the process of getting an agent is a bit different for each vocation.

Be careful choosing this route, however, as a lot of seemingly legitimate ads may not be legitimate. Congratulations. They may have already read your work, so if you have other scripts that are done, mention their loglines in case they want to read any. If you’re worried about agents or managers, check in with your respective guild for advice and information. Have at least two other ideas for what you’ll work on next. Don’t worry. It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR.

Most agents take 10% of a client’s earnings as payment.

But there’s a lot more to it than just that... Managers usually oversee what their clients do day to day.

Usually, they have you sign a piece of paper saying their agency represents you.

After all, you can't really call yourself a writer if you don't have a body of work that represents what you're capable of. Chances are someone will know someone who will know someone who will know someone that can get your material in front of an agent. For potential directors, getting an agent is actually not all that difficult (if you're talented). At bigger agencies, these departments are split.

Talent agents function in the same way as literary agents. Regardless, get back to the grind and keep those stories coming! I’m guessing most people reading this want to know how to find a literary agent. Some people represent you for the feature scripts you write, while others represent your tv ideas.

Keep in mind that getting an agent is not the impossible task it can often seem to be. Your agent’s ear will always be to the ground and if they have you in mind, and they hear of an appropriate opportunity they’ll mention your name. If you want to get a talent agent, you probably have to live in Los Angeles or New York. writing and directing short films can kickstart your career, you may not even be ready for an agent yet. There are other agencies in Hollywood than these eight, but the smaller they are, the fewer opportunities they see pass through the door.

Most managers work on a verbal agreement and a handshake.

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